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A wonderful game that I enjoyed very much. The drawn look to everything is very appealing to me. I hope to maybe one day see a continuation. 

Thank you for playing! I would love to come back to this game, but I'm now in my senior year doing my thesis game so if I do it unfortunately won't be for a while. Thank you for your interest and kind comments. :)

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Going into this I didn’t notice it was a jam game, and to be honest I really think the visual style is very impressive anyway, let alone for a jam game!

I really did find the 3d and 2d switch over quite unique and interesting, and the premise is genuinely quite unsettling when you stop and think about what you’re doing. 

Along with that there’s some challenging and fun 2d gameplay!

Great work!

Here’s my play through for those interested: 

Thanks for playing! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it


I wanted this game to be longer. It's really cool. Somehow, I f'ed up the audio in my video so it's not syncing perfectly but I had a great time with this game and decided to post it anyway.

Thank you for checking it out! It is woefully short, but I'm glad you still got some creepy fun out of it. :)


I couldn't figure out how to get past the second search light but never the less this is a fun game. Not big on the black and, white but it fits the atmosphere of the game!

Thanks for your comment! If you ever feel like it, I encourage you to try again! The searchlights can be hard to get used to but once you get the hang of it it gets easier :)


I feel it was a bit short, I thought there'd be more

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Thanks for playing! This was made for a game jam - most jam games are short experiences. Might add some stuff in the future but it will probably stay within the 10-20 minute playthrough range. 


Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing! Definitely agree about the dialogue options, hopefully I'll be able to update the game soon and add some variety. Appreciate the feedback!


Is it linear like I feared or is there more to this selfish blob of a son?

Haha - thanks for playing! Unfortunately for now the game is linear. Jam time cut my ability to create multiple endings like I initially wanted. I am hoping to add to the game as long as my school stuff doesn't take over too much. Hope you enjoyed it! :)


I thought this was really interesting! I love the 2d/3d mixture of it and the style! I do wish that we could pick the other dialogue with the cop but besides that i had a lot of fun! Love the creature

Thank you so much for checking the game out! You're totally right about the lack of choice - I had originally planned for the game to have 3 separate endings, but the jam date came up so fast I wasn't able to execute on the others I had planned. Good news though, if you're interested - I plan to update the game with the added endings at some point! Possibly want to add some new levels too, we'll see. 

This resolution issue has been totally bugging me as well, the graveyard and town scenes' resolution is off. Fixing that tonight! 

Thanks again for playing, I'm so glad to hear you liked it!


The art style and the whole aesthetic of your game is amazing!!
From the FPS part to the side scroller part it was really pleasing visually.
It is really interesting the way you combined these two different styles seamlessly to tell a story like that. Speaking about the story, I loved it. It is peculiar and unique. I wish there was a way to get the other dialogue options unlocked, when talking to the officer.
All in all I totally enjoyed it! It is a such a unique game with lots of potential. I hope to see more of it. Regardless, I wish you the best!!


Thank you for your kind comments! I appreciate you posting a playthrough as well. I'm so glad you dug the game! 

One question I have for you is did you play the game on mac or PC? I noticed in the playthrough that the resolution in the graveyard scenes seems messed up. I'd like to try and fix that issue, so let me know!

Thanks again! :)


No problem! It was my pleasure!
Yeah, some scenes looked like they were off-centered. The FPS section was fine though! I played the game on PC. I used the ultra details preset and 2560x1440 resolution. Hopefully that helps!