A fun little tool that generates different 1800's names with popular causes of death at the time (along with a few made up/goofy ways to die, because why not).

This has an actual purpose in a game I am making for the Gothic Novel Jam, but I figured I could also make it totally useless and release it that way, too. 

Have fun generating dead people!

(Fun fact: This tool was made using actual census data from the 1800's.)

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Tags1800s, Alternate History


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Best name: Erasmus Badger
Best death: Longing

What a neat thing :-D
I feel like it needs a few more causes of death, either that or something to fudge the randomness a bit and make them less repetitive 

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Thank you! You're right, it definitely could use more variation. I may add to it in the future and try to make it a bit more robust. Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback! :)

I'm going to be posting the full game that uses this tool tonight if you'd like to check that out as well!


Will do!