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Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam 2020.

Edited by Cassidy. Font by Damien G.

Made using Adventuron.io.


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Is it possible to turn on the sound if you didn't use it the first time? I'm a coward who always mutes horror games the first time through, lol. Great game!

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Thank you! And yes! Sound plays a very minor role in this short game (it's used twice and not in a very scary way), but typing "Sound On" at any point in the game will enable it. You can also type "Restart" to restart the game from the beginning, if you'd like. 👍


What a great twist. Reminds me a lot of a Goosebumps story or a one of the creepier endings from a choose your own adventure book. Great job.

CYA Goosebumps books were my favorites growing up, so this means a lot. Thank you!


Nice game.

Thank you for playing!


It's a good game .I just wish there was more than one ending.

Thank you for playing! That's a very fair critique, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game anyhow!


Really enjoyable! The art style is very cool, and the twist is good. I will admit I replayed and tried to save the other three neighbors, and was sad to find out I couldn't.

Thank you so much for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, even with the dark ending haha

I just realised you created this in Adventuron as well. I've been considering using that recently. Good to see what it can do. :)


I enjoyed playing this.  I haven't played a text adventure in a while. The visual style is fun and worked well with the narrative. I'm not sure if there was any way to change the ending, but I played through a few times and didn't find an alternative ending.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) No alternative ending to this one, just to ensure the game would fit within the two minute time constraint of the jam. Was a good opportunity for me to just toy around with a new game making tool, too. Super recommend Adventuron btw, it was a blast to work with and very easy to pick up!