A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A silly, short catholic school simulator about charming your way out of a detention.

Made for My First Game Jam: Summer Edition

Coded in Processing

Install instructions

Mac Users: If, when opening the file, you get an error message that says "file is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the Trash", follow this link to allow games to be downloaded from any source, not just the Mac App store.


punanceMacOS64.zip 46 MB
punanceWin32.zip 52 kB
punanceWin64.zip 52 kB


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I can't get the game to work. I tried redownloading twice. When I try to open, nothing happens. No errors, just nothing. :(

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Hey there! I'll get on this right away! Are you on a PC or a Mac?


super charming and clever! i unabashedly love all terrible puns.

Thank you so much! :) Yeah, I had a little too much fun with the puns haha