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GROWING PAIN is a point and click horror game about a teenage girl and the camping trip that forever changes her.

Step into the strange and unsettling world of Molly, a 16 year old girl who struggles to make friends. Her mom sends her out on a weekend camping trip with Brielle, a classmate she has absolutely nothing in common with. Bound by an unspeakable action committed together, Molly and Brielle's fates become knit as you seek to find answers about an infection that threatens to destroy Molly from within.

Interact with a cast of oddball characters. Who are they? What are they hiding?

Explore a lovingly illustrated world. Learn more about the brutal history of Camp Pine Hollows through world building artifacts. 

The truth behind your curse lies in the woods. Solve puzzles and talk to the characters to find out what's really going on.

Dev's Note:

This is the DEMO for Growing Pain. There are still bugs and rough edges to work out - apologies for any mishaps! If you get stuck, I've included a walkthrough in both the PC and Mac packages.

CW: Animal death, blood/violence, light body horror


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I really liked the aesthetic of the game and where it's going, especially I like Ranger Dale, btw you haven't left a link to your twitter on this game page

here's my vid


I'm looking forward to the full release of this game.  This was very creepy, strange and kind of disturbing,  The body horror is great, and Ranger Dale is a great character.  


Truly CANNOT wait for the full version! <3

Great game! Really looking forward to the full version. I hope that Russification is planned in the game, otherwise the Russian-speaking segment will not be able to enjoy this piece of the gaming industry!


MAN!! This demo has so many twist in it the real games gonna be a doesy!!


I played it!

Such a polished game! I loved the music and the art style! The story was rather simplistic so far, but already with some pretty weird and interesting moments!

I'm curious, what are the inspirations behind it? :)


sorry for offtop question but can I ask you how did you make screenshots on this page shake when you point at them?

The CSS for that is from alienmelon, an awesome dev who posts custom CSS for folks to incorporate into their game pages. Super cool stuff, I highly recommend checking it out here!


thanks so much!! \(^.^)/


Hey im stuck on the puzzel with the safe that is in the camp office, think i could get a hint or the answer 


Hi! There is a walkthrough PDF file included in both the Mac and PC packages of the game. Check the zip file you downloaded and it should be there!


Thank you :) 


good game

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Thank you for playing! :) If you'd like to try and beat the demo, I recommend referencing the walkthrough that should be included in the zip file you downloaded. It'll help with the tougher puzzles


Thanks ill take a look at it. I find the story interesting so far and would love to see more.


Thanks for this amazing Project :))


Of course, Thank you for playing! :)