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Years ago, after the alien plant spores ravaged the Earth, we piled onto spaceships and left. A new planet. A new culture. A new beginning.

But when Eli Mason, the enigmatic founder and CEO of The Colony, asks you to travel back to Earth to find out exactly how the alien invasion began, you have a duty to go.

It's time to go back to Utopi, the Swedish furniture store where the spores began to spread. You don't know what's left of your world. You don't know what you might find. But it's calling you.



Abridged Credits: 

Game Design and Development:


Written By:

ghoulishkid and Cassidy (@baddielillith on Twitter)


Benn Gabriner (@mirrormang on Instagram)

See the full credits here.

Made in 6 weeks for the Haunted PS1 Summer Jam 2020


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I liked the idea of the game and the overall look of it. The outside really looks dangerous and toxic in an awesome way. :D Kinda wished there was something to find/explore there because I liked that environment. The puzzles were nice and felt natural since the solutions were found by exploring along the way instead of having to hunt for objects.
I sadly forgot the crouch button so it took a while longer for me to finish, sorry for that. Other than that I just had a minor pc problem because the pc didn't mention the layout of the date anymore after I checked it already at the start, so I tried to use dots instead of slashes.
I still had fun anyway and liked the ending/endings :D But I feel like making "that" person green gave the plot twist pretty much away.


I really love the visuals for this game, just the whole style is very pleasing. Kind of similar to Harvester and maybe Night of the Consumers. It's hard to see sometimes, and there aren't many things to do in the game itself. The rainbow tunnel is cute but tedious. I like the music. Overall I think it would be nice to see the game get expanded in the future, but it was enjoyable for the short amount of time it was worked on! I really like the whole concept.

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Hey there! Thanks so much for playing and giving good feedback. I also happen to love the music, which was composed by Benn Gabriner (who you should check out here if you want to keep up with his stuff: https://www.instagram.com/mirrormang/). 

I'm pretty honored to see you compare TLU to two other fantastic games, thank you! I agree with your criticism of the rainbow tunnel and the low lighting  - both were meant to be tweaked a bit more, but the risk of doing a game jam is always that there will be significant rough edges due to time constraints. Those areas definitely fall under the "rough edges" category.

At this time there aren't any plans to expand this game, as I'm pleased with what it is, but it means a lot that what you saw left you wanting more. Thanks again for taking the time to comment with your thoughts, it means a lot!


This was really excellent but the controls didn't mention a crouch so I wandered around forever until a friend found a video of the game that had the player crouching and I pressed C (ctrl didn't work so that was also an issue). 

Hey there! Thank you for your kind words and pointing out that glaring issue with the controls list. I'll be fixing that now! 

There is a tutorial in the beginning of the game that does mention crouching, so thankfully there's at least that. I appreciate your patience!


I had so much fun solving the puzzles! Thanks for a fun game! 


Of course! Thank you for playing!

<ya-tr-span data-index="74-0" data-value="I" data-translation="Я" data-type="trSpan">Inside id room you can get into tv,do you need beta-testers?</ya-tr-span>

Sorry for my late reply, Miko! It is very possible some colliders may be missing. All a part of rushing at the end of a jam, I'm afraid! The game is fully released as is, so I won't be needing any testers, but I appreciate the offer!


love retro psx

Gave it a go and feedback. Unfortunate especially to see as of like 42 minutes ago, I played the older version of the game, but my feedback would still probably be useful unless its all been fixed, of whatever I bring up

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Haha, the slow speed of the dreaded tube you mentioned has been fixed. Sorry to see that was a sticking point for you. Thanks for playing!

The only way to make up for it is turning it into a Log Flume water slide.


I really love this game and I'm surprised no one has covered it yet. It really appeals to my sense of humor writing wise, the graphics match the tone perfectly, and the story is short and sweet.

Had a blast playing, can't wait to see more works like this in the future.

Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed the game :)